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AdiFeed - ISAH 2019 Platinum Sponsor

A decade of development and innovation

For over 10 years, we have been co-creating the market of phytogenic products, ensuring that each of our clients improves the health of their herd and achieves better and better production results. Highly qualified staff in our own research and development center conducts the innovative on a global scale experiments. Research already undertaken have lead us to phytogenic products that make natural alternative to antibiotic, growth promotors and coccidiostats. Since the very beginning our main objective is reduction and -wherever it is possible - elimination of the use of antibiotics in the food production process. At first it was our dream. Today more than 80% of the meat products on the shelf of Polish stores comes from the animals fed with addition of AdiFeed® eubiotics.

Effectiveness proven in the field

We offer herbal phytogenic products intended for wide range of animal species: poultry, ruminants, pigs, fish, pigeons and fur animals. Our innovative eubiotic products – unique combinations of broad-spectrum essential oils, plant macerates – make the effective natural alternative to traditional chemotherapeutics. AdiFeed® products improve biological balance and stimulate natural resistance to pathogens in every day fight against infections. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific and farm tests. Our two products adiCoxSOL® PF and adiSalmoSOL® PF are officially recognized and supported by the Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences.

The highest quality every time

Product effectiveness through standardization, consistency and safety on a regular basis is the key to our success. AdiFeed® modern production facility guarantees full control over the quality of products on every stage. The highest technological regime and repeatability of production are confirmed by QS certificates, Fami-QS, HACAP.

Growing business through the values

We believe that the most important things in business are: values, knowledge, experience and most of all – effective products. This is the foundation we created our brand on, becoming one of the leaders of the feed additives market. Currently, AdiFeed products are available in the European Union countries as well as in the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Iran and countries of North Africa.